Health and Safety

Although we are renowned for our exceptional quality of work and customer relations, our safety standards and records are certainly contributing factors towards customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to remain at the forefront of OH&S Compliance, innovation, and safe practice, to ensure that we can produce even safer working environments for our employees, customer operatives and the general public.

Our SHE Team work effortlessly to ensure adherence to all laws and regulations (OHS Act, Construction Regulations), client specifications, as well as our own procedures and risk assessments. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we strongly believe every person has the right to a safe work place, free from harm and injury. To provide this, our safety team drives this daily, with participation from all levels of management, including our CEO.

We also drive a strong disciplinary code, in which our safety and behaviour codes are documented. Part of our safety drive is to forbid unsafe working practices – Disciplinary action and / or re-training is the outcome for transgressors.

Near Miss Reports are one of our most used tools in our safety department. They are reported daily, and scrutinised weekly. Trend analyses reported are drafted, and early warnings are sent out to all our sites as awareness training. This is a powerful tool that we use in the process to improve employee involvement and to ultimately create an even safer working environment.